About us

Having been specialized in rendering legal services since 2007, the European Legal Service was the first in the market to offer distant legal services in all the areas of law. Currently, the company continues providing legal assistance to individuals and legal entities, successfully applying the rich specialist experience gained by it during 11 years. Lawyer24 is a product developed by the European Legal Service, which renders year-round 24-hour distant legal services.

Lawyer24 will enable you to feel safe in the legal field not only by preventing legal matters, but also operatively resolving the existing ones. The service guarantees absolute confidentiality. The company is obliged to provide precise legal consultation during maximum 24 hours—as well as urgently, where necessary—being responsible for the quality of the rendered services. All the calls are recorded.

The European Legal Service provides high-quality legal assistance, being the client’s personal lawyer and protecting the former’s interests 24/7 in any situation.

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